Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Sustainability Policy

The sustainability policy is the commitment of the Airotel Group in matters of environmental protection and social inclusion while it is the basis for setting goals for the sustainable management of hotel activities.

In the context of our hotels’ operation, we realize our share of responsibility and invest in the creation of environmental awareness for both the staff and the management as well as for the visitors. To properly address these needs, we implement an integrated Sustainability Management System, according to the Green Key model.

According to the above, we commit to:

  • Raise awareness about the environmental commitments of the company to our employees through trainings and related material
  • Encourage our visitors to embrace our environmental actions and to inform them about our environmental goals so that they can actively contribute to our effort
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders (customers, staff, administration, suppliers, local community businesses and national authorities) on a holistic approach towards sustainability through the exchange of good practices, workshops, training and other tactics.
  • Support our partners while showing preference to those with relevant sustainable certifications and suppliers in their effort towards sustainability through guidance and assessment
  • the systematic recording of energy, water and chemical consumption in order to make rational use
  • Limit carbon dioxide emissions
  • Control and manage the purchasing actions of our hotels
  • Manage our waste safely in accordance with current legislation and limit hazardous waste
  • reduce and succeed in eliminating the use of disposable plastics
  • Respect human rights and equal working relationships, with zero tolerance for violations such as sexual harassment or forced child labor
  • Support and to respect the community and initiatives

We set out the following goals:

  • The reduction of the carbon footprint
  • The minimisation of our hotels’ energy footprint
  • The respect toward human rights
  • The protection of the local community

This policy is reviewed on a regular basis for further improvement and according to the latest legislation and regulations.

June 2022

General Manager

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